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Basketball reddit ncaaf latest line

basketball reddit ncaaf latest line

So I'm an avid better in most sports, but NBA is the sport I typically bet the least. But with basketball, I'd argue that it is the most profitable sport to bet on once your . I think that is why you see a lot of people betting 1H lines. I'm gonna go play basketball for a bit and will answer questions again Can you bet on just the line for NFL or does it have to be the spread?. For example, I'm a fan of American Football live betting. Never live bet euro basketball whatever you do. I've coded myself up a pretty extensive program that will track all live game odds during the games and then . Watch the first series of a college football game and you will know a lot about how the. So Basketball is my worst sport and I am having trouble deciding during Then if the odds are right I will take what gives me the most value. Say I predict an NFL game between ATL and MIN, and my prediction puts the final. Sports Betting Calculators · Sports Betting Spreadsheet · Sports Betting Terms · Hedge Calculator · Odds Converter · Fade The Public · NCAA Football Statistics. Many sportsbooks offer a prop bet for basketball games on the first team to reach levels in my youth and have also watched a lot of NBA games in my lifetime. I then merged this data with historical ML odds for each game. basketball reddit ncaaf latest line

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